Our Services

Our Services

Our Health Care Assistants offer a friendly face.

24 life care

Live in Care 24/7

Live in Care helps you live the life you want in the comfort of your own home. We can put a unique package of support in place agreed with you. Together we can help you stay at home

home care

Home Care

Our Health Care Assistants can support you to live independently at home and support you with daily living tasks

night care

Overnight Care

Home Care doesn’t stop at the end of the day. Our Health Care Assistants also provide overnight care so you or your loved one can rest comfortably through the night too.


Domestic Care

Keeping on top of your household chores can become increasingly difficult as we get older. Our Health Care Assistants can assist with domestic tasks helping you live at home independently.


Personal Care

We understand the importance of personal care and your regular routines. We can tailor support to your specific needs. Our Health Care Assistants are discreet and professional and can provide care that’s most comfortable to you.


End of Life & Palliative Care

We understand how distressing it can be to see how a terminal illness is affecting a loved one. That’s why we can provide specialist support with day to day things allowing you and your family to make the most of your time together


Complex Care

With the expertise of our Health Care Assistants you will receive support that’s completely built around your needs and requirements.


Social Care

Feeling isolated and less confident at home. Our Health Care Assistants can assist improve your quality of life and assist you back into the community.

Whether you need help everyday, twice a week or even just once a year we can help.

Let us help you with your enquiry. To find out more about our wide range of services and sources of funding simply contact us today.

What your Health Care Assistant cannot do for you.


Asking the Health Care Assistant to spend more time with you than on your care plan.

All Health Care Assistants visit a number of people each day that will be expecting them at a certain time. If they are delayed, this will mean that someone else is kept waiting. If you need more time, please speak to the Manager. Please refer to contact details and addresses.



If you find it difficult or are unable to take you own medication, you should ask for help from the District Nurse attached to the surgery of your GP. If you have difficulties opening bottles of “dossett boxes” we may be able to assist after a risk assessment has been carried out. We cannot assist with medication that is not prescribed by your G.P.


Changing curtains / light bulbs or cleaning windows

Because of risk of falls, Health Care Assistants cannot carry out any tasks that would involve them standing on anything where there may be a risk of industrial injury through accidents.


Lifting moving heavy furniture or other items

Again because of the risk of accidents, our Health Care Assistants are not permitted to move or lift heavy items, like furniture, for any reason.


Provision of continence aids or specialist equipment

The Company does not provide continence aids or wheelchairs, bath aids, and other Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy aids.

These things will be fully discussed with you when your needs assessment takes place. If there is a need for equipment or continence aids identified, referrals will be made to the appropriate agency or service.

What your Health care Assistant is not allowed to do.

All Health Care Assistants employed by the company are not allowed to do the following:-

  • Not allowed to smoke in a Service Users Home.
  • Not allowed to be a witness to a Service Users will
  • Not allowed to be in a lottery / pools syndicate with any Service User.
  • Not allowed to access a Service Users home whilst they are not there.
  • Not allowed to receive gifts or money from Service Users or their families.
  • Not allowed to lend money from Service Users or their families.
  • Not allowed to use Service Users loyalty cards.
  • Not allowed to use a Service Users telephone unless using the Teleconfirmation call Logging.
  • Not allowed to sell or dispose of any goods which belong to a Service User or their families.
  • Not allowed to incur a liability on behalf a Service User.
  • Not allowed to take responsibility for looking after valuables on behalf of a Service User.
  • Not allowed to take any unauthorised person into a Service Users home, this includes children & Pets.
  • Not allowed to sell goods to a Service User example - Avon or catalogue items.
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