Friends & Family Portal Access

We are excited to announce that we are providing a portal for family & friends to access Digital Care Records which include:

  • Service Delivery
  • Tasks
  • Medication chart (eMAR)
  • Visit notes
  • Updated Risk Assessment Information
  • Care and Support Plans
  • Monitor outcomes & goals

This will allow you to view up to date information in real time for your loved ones.

Our family information services

Our access solution helps you manage, and stay up to date with a personalised timeline of care that has been delivered, from our initial assessment to each visit, task and entry information.

Accessing electronic logs of care and support provided by our carers, from intakes such as fluids and medication to reporting incident management, finances and DNAR’s.


Get started in three easy steps

Fill out the consent form below, and a member of the team will be in touch to verify your information request.
Once verified, an account will be generated for you and email link will be sent to you with your updated credentials and access details
Simply login with the details provided and the dashboard will provide you with up to date information on the care and support for your loved ones.

See the Friends & Family Portal In Action

At Kelly Park Limited, we believe technology’s true essence lies not in the latest gadgets or apps, but in how they empower families to better support and connect with their loved ones.

To access this service please complete the following and sign the GDPR consent form